List the Workflows in a private space using Get Api call

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I am trying to list the workflows containing a specific component using the below Rest API


But it is listing only the workflows in the public space. I have access to my team private space. Why it is not listing the workflows in our private space?
Is there any Rest API which will do that?

Thanks in Advance!

Hi @rahul_vela12,

currently it is only possible to list workflows within public spaces since the workflows of the private spaces are not indexed (yet). We already have tickets to implement this functionality in the future, but I can’t give you an exact timeline for this.

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Thank You @laaaarsi !

Hi @laaaarsi ,

Is there a way we can list out the components used in a workflow?

Thanks in advance!

Hey @rahul_vela12

I’am afraid I think there is no such endpoint, but I will reach out internally and come back to you!

May I ask if you are using a KNIME Server or KNIME HUB?

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@laaaarsi , I am using KNIME HUB.

Thank you so much for the quick response:-)

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I asked our development team and currently this is not possible.

Maybe it helps if you can list the nodes used within a certain workflow by utilizing this /repository/<workflowid>?details=full endpoint. It includes the used nodes within the workflow in the ouput.


If you use “aggregated” instead of “full” you’ll get a field which is called aggregatedLinkedComponents and this contains the ids of the components used in the workflow. This will only list components which are also on the hub.


Hi @laaaarsi ,

This works!!
Thank You so much for this.

Best Regards,
Rahul V

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