List with Start and End Dates based on row values


I have a table with columns Buy Date, End Date, Buy Prices and Sell Prices.
This is a continous time series. When the system is not invested all columns but dates are ZEROS.

What I need now is a Table where the phase (first buy date to last sell date) is one single row for every occurency.

The picture tells more than my (semi-good) english.

How can I realize this?

Here is the data table as xlsx file.

data_export.xlsx (303.6 KB)

Hi @dev_python (nice you switched to KNIME :slight_smile: )

Would it be possible to share some (sample) data (e.g. the table above) in a KNIME flow or excel / csv format. That makes it easier for me (and I guess the rest of the community) to create a workflow that shows a way to answer your question.
gr. Hans

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Thanks for the quick reply. I’ve added the data table as xlsx file to the initial thread.


Hi @dev_python

See this wf list_start_end.knwf (776.7 KB). The key to the solution is to identify the rows where the “pattern” switches.

Take a look, hope this answers your question.

gr. Hans

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Hi @dev_python , I put something for you that looks like this:


Here’s the workflow: List with start and end dates based on row values.knwf (266.3 KB)

EDIT: Based on the data in your screenshot, your results are correct. However, in the real data, if you scroll up, you also have this entry for AAVE:
2021-07-26 02:00:00 2021-07-27 02:00:00 AAVE 302.43 299.94

So, that’s why in the calculated results, the Buy Date is 2021-07-26 02:00:00 and the value of Buy is 302.43.

That was just in case you were comparing my results with your results for AAVE. Similarly for ACM.

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