Load error on loading Guided Automation workflow in KNIME Web portal

Hi, I am using the KNIME Server small 4.9.2 ami in AWS to use the Server functionality. After deploying the Guided Automation workflow available in KNIME Hub, when I try to load the workflow in webportal, I get the following error:

Errors loading workflow 01_Guided_Analytics_for_ML_Automation due to missing extensions.
Extensions: KNIME Core
Nodes: Table row to variable, Table row to variable
Extensions: KNIME Machine Learning Interpretability Extension
Node: Binary Classification Inspector

Can you please advise how I can fix this problem?


Hi @ramachna,

Seems like this workflow was created with the most recent version of KNIME Analytics Platform (4.1.0), while your server’s executor is 4.0.2. E.g., this Binary Classification Inspector node is a new node only available in 4.1.0.

If you want to use this workflow, you’ll need to upgrade your current machine to use KNIME Server 4.10 / Analytics Platform 4.1.0.


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Thanks @RolandBurger. Can you please point me to where I can find the instructions for upgrading my AWS AMI from 4.9.2 to 4.10? I am using the AMI from AWS market place and I am on a “pay-as-you-go” model.

You can find update instructions here: https://docs.knime.com/2019-12/server_update_guide/index.html, that guide applies to AWS installations as well.

Note that this is a .0 release. For production environments, we recommend to wait for the release of KNIME Server 4.10.1, which is scheduled for the first week of February.


Thanks very much @RolandBurger. I will wait for the production release.

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@RolandBurger Is there a way to get the version of the guided automation that was created for 4.0.1? I’m having a similar issue with the current workflow.

@jvirgi if someone has it, than it would be @paolotamag :slight_smile:

Hi @jvirgi,
thanks for reaching out.
Attached to this post you can find an older version of the workflow I tested on 4.0.2
I did not keep every version between the first guided automation in 3.6 and the current one in 4.1.2
I found an older version half updated. I re-saved it with 4.0.2. It should work if you re-save with 4.0.1 all workflows in the archive and just then deploy, ignore the nightly build alert when you open it.

Sorry if I cannot provide exactly what you requested. One day the Hub might have an history of versions and it will be intuitive to find older version of the same workflow.

I encourage you to update your KNIME Server and Executor to the latest version if possible, especially when the new release comes out in July with integrated deployment.