load internal data fails

Hi there,

can anybody help me to correctly catch errors when loading internal data?

So far, I took care about the internal data by 'loadInternals' and 'saveInternal' in the node model. But how would it look like if the loading of internal data fails (due to corrupted files e.g.)?

I tried to throw a 'CanceledExecutionException' in 'loadInternals', which throws an error, but the node is still executed after loading the workflow.

Instead, I would like the node to be reset; but looking into the code KNIME-nodes like 'Linear Correlation' did not help as it does not use the 'loadInternals' (I did not get the mechanism this node uses to load its internal data).

What would I have to do to get the node reset to 'CONFIGURED'?

This isn't possible. Since the output of the node is still available even if the internals are broken that node stays executed (but you get the error message).


We are developing a knime node, in where, node expects a strict input data table, without which node will not open configure dialog but throws notconfigurable exception.(we have achieved this without extending DataAwareNodeDialog class).

Now i want to make our node data aware without using DataAwareNodeDialog class. Is it posssible, if yes, how?

Please suggest.

No, this isn't possible. That what the DataAwareNodeDialog is used for... Why don't you want to use this class?