Load several columns at once in genric java script view node

Hi everybody.
Im new in knime and java.

I’am dealing with the genric java script view node, and im trying to access the columns of the previous node.
To do that, I used the following sentence:

var h1 = knimeDataTable.getColumn (1);

The problem is that there are 3000 columns, and you would have to repeat this 3000 times, to set 3000 variables form h1 to h3000.

I tried to make a loop, as follows:

var h = [ ] ;

for (i = 1; i < 3001; i ++) {
h [ i ] = knimeDataTable.getColumn (i);

But it does not solve …

Is there any way of doing this ?

Please Help

There is table to variable node. Also, KNIME can use cells same way as variables.

ok…but how can i do use it ?

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