Loading Error on AWS server - Missing node : table row to variable


When I’m trying to deploy one of my workflow on our Knime Server, i’m getting an error about missing code Node (Table Row to Variable).

Our server is a KNIME Server Small for AWS, with the latest version.
So I don’t understand why I’m having an issue with a core node.


I guess it might come from the fact that there is a deprecated version of this node, but both version of this node are associated to the knime version 4.1

Table row to variable (Deprecated) : https://nodepit.com/node/org.knime.base.node.flowvariable.tablerowtovariable.TableToVariableNodeFactory

Table row to variable (ok)

Have you an idea how to solve this ?



do you actually use the deprecated node or the most current version? I’d assume that you are running KNIME Server 4.9.x with executor 4.0.x. In that case you should create your workflow with KNIME Analytics Platform 4.0.x and not with 4.1.0. This ensures that you don’t use any nodes that aren’t available on the server.



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