Loading multiple URL pages


I'm trying to load data from ATinternet using an URL which finish by : {start:'2015-01-01',end:'2015-06-30'}}&max-results=100&page-num=1

Everything works well but I don't know how many pages I need to load to get all available data in the defined period of time...

Is there a solution, like a loop to increment the page number until all data are retrieve ? 

Thanks a lot by advance !


Hi Quentin,

I would propose you make a generic loop start with an Variable Condition Loop End.

inside of this, you first construct the URL as ...page-num=Currentiteration+1

Than you check if this page exists. If this is not working the the KREST nodes, you can also pack them into a try catch construct.

Last, you end the loop if you found a non exisiting page.

You can also take a look at our forum example on our example server.  50_Applications/_07_ForumAnalysis There we do this similarly, but we "know" the last page because of the last button of the forum.

Would this work for you?

Best, Iris

thx a lot ! It works ;)