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I have a component that uses a Local File Browser Configuration Node and I want the default file to be defined by a flow variable.
In the documentation of the node

and under options it is stated that:

  • Default File
    The file that will be used during design time, i.e. when no file is provided by a component dialog.

My problem is that I use a flow variable to define the default file and I want to leave the configuration dialog empty. A WARNING (which is not just a warning - it doesn’t allow me to execute the node) that asks for a URL of a file to be declared under Control < Default File
even though the default file path is being controlled by a flow variable.

TL;DR why do I need to declare a default file when it’s controlled by a flow variable?
Why is the warning stopping the execution?

Hi @vasichar11 -

What version of KNIME AP are you using? I tried to reproduce this issue locally but wasn’t able to. Could you possibly upload your component (or a workflow containing it) to the Hub so someone can take a more detailed look?

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You are right, there’s no real issue here!
I had this problem because the configuration dialog is sustained when sharing and reusing the component. This should be of course the desired behavior from the node .

If anyone had a similar complication:
In my case, I’m sharing components and using them in different systems. That made the string that was written in the browse file field invalid. Between different systems the files can of course differ. So when I dragged the components in different systems, the warning was shown. After sharing the component and dragging it in a different system, the processor couldn’t find the file. The file must exist even if there’s overwrite from the flow variable afterwards.

All good! If anyone does something like that, letting you know that I’m using an empty file now as default to avoid this. This file is accessible always in the same location for all systems.

It would be super nice for the node to support relative imports as well, like the File Reader and other nodes have.

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