Local Update Site does not show latest version of plugin


I am developing a new KNIME node. As I have been building newer versions, it created several versions of plugins so far. It works great when I test it by launching KNIME platform from the Eclipse SDK. But when I try to add the new node to a standard KNIME installation, the local update site (which actually contains the latest build) does not show the most recent version. And also, it shows me an older version although I checked the option to show only the latest version. Is there a way to clear the previous version from the local update site and start afresh?

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Hi @vishal_knime,

welcome to the KNIME forum, the update sites have some strange behavior, but I am sure we will be able to tame them together. I have the

  • are you using .qualifier in your version strings? So that the version reads something like: 1.2.3.qualifier? This ensures your plugins get a new version on every rebuild.
  • Did you try pressing reload in the Available Software Sites preferences page?
  • How are you creating the update site? Directly from eclipse? If this is the case you can delete the generated update sites files from the update site project, and rebuild afterwards:



Hi Gabriel,

Thanks for the instructions! I could get the update site working as expected now.



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