Location Coordinates format in 'Open Street Map' node



I am trying to use the 'Open Street Map' node, so far without success. I would appreciate help to handle the location coordinates format.


In the data I have the location coordinates are arranged in a single collumn, being the format (cell content) as follows:



Is it possible 'Open Street Map' node read this format of location coordinates somehow?


Thanks in advance,



Hi Cadu,

usually geographic coordinates are represented as angles, given in degrees, called longitude and latitude. Just as well in Open Street Maps. Hence, your string "+39.0445535-077.1188678" exactly contains these two coordinates and needs to be split into two double columns before they can be used by the OSM-nodes. The attached example workflow demonstrates it. To change the appearance of the map markers use the standard Shape-, Size-, and Color Manager nodes (see




Hi Martin,

Thanks for the 'example' and the 'coordinate_conversion' workflows. Everything working great now.

This plugin is amazing!




is there a way to use google maps for this same example ?