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First happy new year to all of you in the Knime community!

I tried to lock metanodes and components and I think that I found something weird:

  • when I lock a metanode I have the lock symbol that appear. This is not the case for the components
  • same, if I share both the locked metanodes and component and I reused them in a workflow; the linked metanode has the lock symbol but not the linked component.

Is-it a little visual bug in the interface?


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Hi Lionel,

Happy new year to you as well!

Yes, this is a small UI bug, due to which the lock icon is not shown. There is a ticket for this already, I’ll add your request to it as well.

Despite the lock not being shown, the component should still be encrypted, though, so really just a UI thing.



Hi @RolandBurger,

Thanks for your answer. It is not a big problem and it could wait the next release. It is just that it is difficult to say if the component is locked without this symbol.


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