Login for Feed - KNIME "password required" window pops up over and over again


I have a workflow where I import data with a file reader node that reads a CSV file from an url.

Until last week this worked like a charm. Just start the node, login once and the workflow could handle all file reader nodes with the same login.
But now the system popus up the “password required” window over and over again. And if I type in the login and PW for something like 10 times the node finaly works.

Any idea if this is a KNIME issue, or a minubo issue and what is causing this?


Hi @Henri and welcome to the forum.

It would be interesting to know - did you do any KNIME updates before this started happening? And what version of KNIME do you use?

If you made no updates recently, that would make me think Minubo is the culprit. Have you reached out to them as well?

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Hi @ScottF,

no Knime Updates were made in the meantime.

So far I made a workaround with a python script (downloading all 13 feeds locally) and pointing the file reader to the specific path. The script has no issues downloading the files from minubo.

I have also asked minubo if they changed anything, but no reply yet. I will post as soon as I know something more. :slight_smile:

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Quick Feedback: Minubo cant replicate the problem and there was no feed change in the last weeks for any of feeds provided. They say its a KNIME problem…

Anyways; I have tried a different internet connections without success and the problem occurs with all minubo links.
→ I see the “python way” as a workaround


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