Login from workflow credentials as variable


I want to add column in my data set with login from workflow credentials. To do that I expected to get login as variable in string manipulation (Variable) node but it doesn’t work that easily. Can you advise me of some way?

Hi @MatissPriedits -

Welcome to the forum! And sorry for the delayed response to your question.

As far as credentials go, under the hood they are handled a little bit differently than other workflow variables for security reasons - whether you create them using the workflow credentials dialog, or the Credentials Configuration node.

If you need to somehow manipulate either the login or password, you might do that first using the usual string manipulation, and then pass that altered string into a Credentials Configuration node. Perhaps something like this workflow:


Does that help?

Thanks for your time.

As of solution then it didn’t help for me. I didn’t manage to get password either from the workflow credentials dialog or the Credentials Configuration node into String Manipulations not with my or your workflow.

I solved it using Credentials input and naming username and used it with Variable to table column but I want to use workflow credentials for this.

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