Logit indication of Logistice Regression Learner

I am doing Logistice Regression. In the Logistic Learner, when I look at Coefficients and Statistics. THere is one label “ Logit”(after Row ID), what does it mean to me?
When I choose configuration, if can be changed, the result will be turned to be oppiste.
Target column: Ereignisflag
Reference category 1.0
Logit: 0.0

Target column: Ereignisflag
Reference category 0.0
Logit: 1.0


Logit column is an information column I believe.

If your reference column is 1 then in Coefficients and Statistics you will get coefficients to calculate log-odds of Ereignisflag being 0 and that information is in Logit column. And vice versa. This makes more sense if you have more categorical values in your dependent variable :wink:


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understood with thanks