Logout unsuccessful


on our Test-Server we installed:
Knime Server version 4.13.2
When logged into Webportal as knimeadmin or normal user and then log off,

Logout unsuccessful
is displayed .
the user is logged off automatically after the timeout occured.

The Logs of the executor do not give me a hint what’s the cause.

Executing a Workflow which collects value selections the user made
and trying to cancel it , before finally executing it results in:

Could not cancel.

Grt. B.Kochs

The Error is caused by Apache httpd , by which we forward the knime webapplication.
Since knime uses the http Method DELETE when user logs off it causes an error when trying to.

Added allowed Method DELETE to the context path /knime and logoff and cancel could be executed with no error.

httpd.conf _______________________________

AllowMethods GET POST

<Location /knime>

Case closed.

Greetings B.Kochs


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