Long integer configuration


So I am trying to create a configuration node that can take integers bigger than the range -2,147,483,647 - 2,147,483,647.
I see I can do it only with double configuration nodes? Is that true?

Hi @vasichar11

The data type long will be able to hold integers outside of this range.
When I played around neither the Double Configuration node nor the Integer Configuration node would take numbers outside of that range. My proposed workaround/solution would be to go with the String Configuration node, and then convert the user-given number to a Long.
Some ways to do so are

  • String Manipulation (Variable) node + toLong() function
  • Variable to Table Row + String Manipulation
  • Variable Expression node

whatever would suit your purposes best.
Hope that helps :slight_smile:



Hi @vasichar11 , in addition to the suggested workaround from @Alice_Krebs, you can add some validation to the String Configuration node too.

If you specify that it requires a regex pattern that allows only digits, you can ensure that the user may supply only numeric integer values.

eg. integers with at least one digit…

or, enforce that they enter between 1 and, say, 10 digits

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