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I’m trying to use knime to say if column e contains 300 and column n contains the word mms whithin the text box than delete the row. Help me figure this out please, I bet it has to have some coding involved within the rule nodes and I have no clue how to do that.

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Unsure if I fully understand - is this what you want to do to remove a row if the number is 300 and somewhere in the text “mms” is contained? E.g. in the following example remove rows with red rectangles?

Example table prior filtering:

Example after filtering:

If that is what you want to do then here is the screenshot of Rule based Row Filter configuration:

Written out:
$number$ = 300 AND $text$ LIKE "*mms*" => TRUE

Make sure to check “Exclude TRUE matches”


The rule as per the screenshot is this:

$number$ = 300 AND $text$ LIKE "*mms*" => TRUE

but was “garbled” by the forum software. i.e. "..." (double quotes) became “…” (smart quotes) and * got interpreted as “italics-on-off” (Remember to mark code as “preformatted” using the </> button in the toolbar so that it doesn’t get transformed :wink: )

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Thanks for pointing this out - wasn’t aware thus far and didn’t notice!. Fixed up the original post as well!

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Thanks guys! Your real lifesavers everything works great!

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That’s great @jratchf9 . If all resolved, remember to mark @MartinDDDD 's post as the solution. :slightly_smiling_face:

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