Looking for a freelancer to build us some Knime workflows

Hi, we are looking to hire someone who can set up a couple of Knime workflows for us.
Up to now we have been managing our ETL work inside Excel, but we have long since outgrown it, so we want to transfer our data work to Knime workflows.
We have a good technical team here, but no Knime experience, so we are looking for someone who can help us to get started.
We have mapped out some examples to explain what we need and as I understand it’s mostly normal functionality within Knime of splitting, combining, concatenating and cross-referencing that we need, but we have some time pressure on this, so I’m looking for some assistance to get a head-start.


Hi @DWJames

One option for you could also be our partners. we have a huge set of partners around the world. You can here find them with the partner finder KNIME Partners | KNIME or shoot us an email to partners@knime.com and we will connect you.


Have you found someone?

Thankyou Iris. We were looking for a couple of quick answers rather than a big project of work, so probably not worthwhile for most larger companies I think?

Hi Daniel,
yes, I found a guy on Fiverr who was able to make us 80% of what we wanted and that was a great start and was a good proof of concept for us, but I would welcome working with someone who has a more extensive knowledge of more advanced features of Knime on a casual, but ongoing basis


We are too swamped on big projects to promise a complete “to spec” build out over here, but I might be able to quickly piece together the guts on one of your workflows to help jumpstart your team if you can’t find someone to handle your full project. Basic ETL setup can be pretty quick, and often only requires understanding of a few nodes to polish up most problems.

Looks like we were writing at the same time. Glad you found someone! Encourage your team to learn some basics through YouTube tutorials and then start interacting with the KNIME forum on more advanced tools and concepts now. There is a ton already here to search through, tackling problems head on will advance their skills faster, and forum answers end up helping others as well! You will be surprised how quickly they will knock out the last 20%, and open doors well beyond!

When they hit a wall, plenty of us regularly help design solutions and mentor users as well. Start with the KNIME partners. I did something similar with an Alteryx partner years back when I hit walls, and it jump started my skills and projects like crazy.


Hi @DWJames, I am working with KNIME for over 3.5 years. Let me know if I can help. Thanks, Kafil


Hi @DWJames,

I have implemented large projects with KNIME and have experience in leading a team of KNIME Data wranglers and scientists as well. I believe I have the qualifications you are looking for. Feel free to reach out to me for any freelancing!



Happy to help with any freelance needs you have as well! I’ve been using KNIME for several years and have implemented it both at my own side consulting business and at enterprise scale. I love small projects for freelancing, especially upcycling existing manual processes in Excel or other tools!


Hi @Daniel_Weikert , I beleive I can help you with this. Let me know if I can help you in this.

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