Looking for a Knime consultant

I am looking for an experienced knime user to support me with ponctual needs:

  • enhance my current workflows
  • create new and advanced workflows
  • help to sync with server / advise on how to structure databases (currently only using data from local repositories)
  • develop visualisation (dashboards)

working days/hours could be according your own availability. But preference for partnering with a Knime consultant in Europe (compatible time zones, easier to proceed with remuneration transfers).

my company, based in France, is a very small insight agency of a couple of permanent employees and a network of independant market research consultants. We are looking at elevating our database content and output.

apologies in advance if answers to your offers may take time to be replied.


Hello, what language is necessary for the vacancy? Thanks, I’ll stay tuned.

Hi, english will be ok of course. thank you


We at IQuartil (www.iquartil.net) night help you, we have done it before for other companies. How can we get in touch?. On parle espagnol, francais er anglais :wink:


Bonjour, je suis Data Scientist en freelance à Lille. Je peux sûrement vous aider (longue expérience de projets et de formations sur KNIME). Vous pouvez me contacter via mon site https://www.trampodata.com/ Cordialement, Amélie


Hi there @Lbenky - happy to help. We support media insights organizations, provide KNIME Server Management, BI dashboard design/build/deploy, KNIME training, etc. Feel free to check out www.day5analytics.com if interested!

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