Looking for a patient Mentor :)

Dear Community,

I am almost an complety beginner in Knime and I am really keen to delivere a good data mining project for my course.  I need to do a cluster analysis and segmentation for several datasets which are from an online retailer.
 I have read and watched several online tutorials but they are to general for my basic understanding and dont focus on my problem setting.

Would be anyone interested in mentoring and supervising my project in exchange for gratefulness and appreciation? We could use Skype or Teamspeak to ease the communication in case anyone would be interested but not willing to type alot ;) I speak Polish, German and English.

Kind Regards,

Eric Cartmenez


Hello Eric:

If you want I can be your mentor. I have a lot of experience doing and guiding clustering projects. Tell me how is your data, is a transactions data set or it is ready to clustered?


Hallo Gabriel,

first of all I want to thank you for your sympathy. I have got 7 datasets (sales, customer, article, payment, retourn, etc.) with more or less 70 variables in total. Could you send me your skypename  via PM so I could show you everything via skype or teamviewer.

Best Wishes