Looking for source code for JEP nodes

I’ve been looking for the source codes for anything that uses JEP. I can’t find any of them, and neither can NodePit. Can you tell me where they are, or is there a problem with the licensing?

Nah, no problem. The extension is pure GPL but we haven’t got round to make the repo in bitbucket public.

You can inspect the source code by installing the sources into KNIME (File -> Install KNIME Extensions … -> search for ‘jep’ while the “group items by category” box is not checked)… and then inspecting the sources in the ‘plugins’ folder.

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That all worked down the last bit. I don’t have a ‘plugins folder’, or if I do, I don’t know where it is.

I do have a plugins view which lists lots of plugins, but nothing that looks like source code. There are items that open and contain a jar file, but still no sign of source. There is an org.knime.ext.jep which looks promising, but no source code.

I’m missing something, but what?

BTW I would prefer to see the source in the Eclipse developer environment rather than in the AP, if possible.

I seem to have solved the problem. I was able to find the JEP and related plug-ins in Eclipse RAP and import the source project.That did the trick.


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