Looking for source code for Workflow Control nodes

Many of the nodes under category Workflow Control are to be found in the org.knime.base repo, but quite a few are not. The category is created in the plugin.xml, but many of the nodes that I see in the AP are not listed. Where would I look for those? The Help says they belong to KNIME, so I don’t think they’re external.

Hi @dandl,
which nodes are you looking for specifically? The call workflow nodes?
Those are not on github yet but you can access the source code like follows:


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Thanks, that worked fine, but it wasn’t what I was looking for. They do the generic thing (which is something I do need to follow up) but not the JEP thing.

I’m actually looking for any nodes that do expression evaluation. One I found was Math Formula (Variable) in the Workflow Control category. It uses JEP. I can’t find source for that or any of the other nodes that use JEP. I wasn’t able to find any JEP in the Plug-in view.

It doesn’t have to be JEP either, just something that works like that node.

Amongst the plugins I found JEP and expressions and related. Import source project and I have what I need. Thanks.

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