Lookup and Return Multiple Values in One Cell


First time opening a topic, hope i am doing this right !

I am trying to recreate a formula from Excel and i seem to be having some trouble.
I saw a similar post in August 2022, but what the user accepted as a solution, does not work for me ( do a Left Outer Join ). I need to see the multiple results from the Lookup separated by comma in each separate cell.

The formula is : =TEXTJOIN(“, “,TRUE,IF(G2=$A$2:$A$7,$B$2:$B$7,””)) , below a screenshot from Excel also.

Many thanks in advance !

Hi @popescu_a

So far so good!

You are looking for the groupBy node. Use the Name as column for the group and (unique) concatenate as aggregation method for the Training.


THIS is amazing ! Thank you so much for your quick answer ! Spent a few hours on it before writing this post, so i appreciate this a lot !

I really didn’t know there are so many ways to use Group By :face_in_clouds:

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