Lookup based on two columns

Hi there,

I need help with how to look up data based on two different columns from one table and return the value from the second table

I’m not sure what nodes I should use. I have looked into Cell Replacer or something but would I need to join the value of the lookup columns into one?

Any help is appreciated.

Hi @summer_le
Joiner Node - Right outer join between Table 1 and 2


@Kenyx Thank you Kenyx! I can’t believe it was so easy?! I was overcomplicating such a straight forward problem. I feel so silly haha

Thank you so much. It worked like a gem.

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While Joiner Node is the correct node to use, it should be an Inner join rather than a Right outer join.

A Right outer join would give you all the records from the Table 2, which is not what the desired result was. The inner join would return only the records that match, which is what the desired results look like


@bruno29a Hi Bruno, thank you for the info. Because you brought this up, I went back and thought about what I am trying to do and Left Outer is most suitable for me as I wanted to also split up the ones that don’t match in Table 1 and how many don’t match.

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