Lookup with criteria (within date range and matching ID's)


I need a knime nodes or workflow that will return a value where a given date is within a date range and should have a matching ID’s. I am attaching the excel file for reference.

P.S In excel: the expected result is in column L where date and ID will be the basis of matching with the data given in Column A to D. Also if no values found, row should not be deleted.

Hope you can help me on this. Thank you in advance!

Sample (Knime Help).xlsx (18.3 KB)

The binner dictionary node might be able to help you here

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Hi AlyKnime,
have a look at the KNIME Indexing and Searching – KNIME Hub plugin. It allows you to use complex queries including range queries for dates. For an example on how to use the nodes to perform multiple queries in a loop check out this workflow: Indexing and Searching plug-in for address database cleansing – KNIME Hub
For more information about the date format to use in the query see the node description of the Index Query node.


Hi! Can you enlighten me regarding the binner dictionary? Thanks

sth like this or similar
dictionary binner help.knwf (19.6 KB)

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Hello @AlyKnime,

take a look at this topic as well:


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