Loop adding columns with the same rows

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At the beginning of my day I had an issue with different date formats into a flow - which I solved. Then I thought it would be a good idea to create an .csv file with every date format I could think of in columns with examples. By doing this I would be able to test my flows for date handling from external data sources. And I would only have do this once.

In English we would say I went down a rabbit hole.

I have almost finished the flow to create this file.

The only thing I can not do is change the output. At the moment it cascades the results, like so:

My main question is: How can change this so I have multiple columns but with 50 rows?

Secondary question: can you give me any examples or other language equivalents of “I went down the rabbit hole” please

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Hi @FrankColumbo

The solution is to replace your Loop End by a Loop End (column append) AND adding a RowID node before the LoopEnd Column Append (check: Loop has same row IDs in each iteration).

gr. Hans



thank you @HansS your solution worked perfectly.

For anyone else who, in the future, wants the complete solution it is here:

@aworker thank you, I love these!



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