Loop Body wired incorrectly

Hello Knimers,

I am trying to list all the files inside multiple paths, for this, I have build a small workflow. My first test was with only one path and worked fine, then I added a loop to make this work with each received path, but I am getting the following error:
“Loop Body wired incorrectly (Could not find matching loop start node (missing node annotation)!).”


As you can see on the image, the first received path it is being read properly (table output shows files), and then it fails, showing the error.

Thank you in advanced for any advise.

Hello @mcrisnidh,

Welcome back to the forum!

I tried replicating the issue using a dummy workflow but could not succeed.

To look into the issue you are facing, can you share a workflow with dummy data? This would help us to find exactly what is causing the issue.


Thank you all for your replies.
I started playing around with other nodes and was able to get the same results I originally intended.

In this case, I am feeding 4 rows of a path in the type of a string, those paths exist and are no longer the path type (as shown in the original post), but what I think did it for me was the Chunk Loop Start instead of the Table Row To Variable Loop Start.

I am not an expert on loops, so my basic knowledge told me try with Table Row To Variable Start and a Loop end, but got the error initially reported.

@mcrisnidh you might want to check the setup of the loop. In the past what sometimes helped was wrapping the thing happening within a loop in a component or meta node.


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