Loop does not replace 99999 in all columns

I have attached a workflow in which I need to replace “99999” and “-99999” values with “” (nothing). It successfully replaces the first column but not the rest of them, though the loop finishes.
Any ideas what’s wrong? I am open to suggestions or other ideas of approaching this.
Issue_Cannot remove 99999 and -99999 from all columns.knwf (19.2 KB)

It does replace them, if you scroll down on the loop end output table, you’ll see they are replaced in their appropriate iteration.

Your loop node output has 5 copies of DATA output because you loop 5 times, and each copy has its loop’s column replaced correctly.

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Thank you for your response.
Yes, the replacement does take place but there is no final table with all columns being replaced. I do see the replacement for each column at a new table being attached (appended) at the bottom of the previous table during the 5 iterations of the loop. The result is five different tables, with no table having all replacements.
In other words, this concatenation is not what I would like. I used a “Cell Replacer” node to replace the 99999 and -99999 values at the same table, and not to create 5 different tables with only one column with replaced cells.
Am I missing something?

You have to use a Column List Loop Start node and a Loop End (Column Append) to achieve that.
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I tried your suggestion and I got a weird error of missing column7 which exists.
See below:
Cannot remove 99999 and -99999 from all columns_2.knwf (18.7 KB)

You need to use the flow variable with the current column name to configure the Cell Replacer. Please see here how to use variables.
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