Loop doesn't collect results


I wonder if anyone could spot my mistake (if I made one). I use the Generic Loop Start in combination with Variable Condition Loop End but nested two times.

The first to reiterate upon error determined via Try-Catch. The second to dynamically re-process / enforce full processing of the entire chunk, since upon failures (i.e. timeout) the current iteration is being appended at the end of the chunk.

However, regardless if I check the option “Collect rows form last iteration” or not, either no results or only two are collected. Please note that the Parallel Chunk is currently set to 1 for debugging reasons.

Question is, what could be my stupid mistake causing either no or only two results being collected?

Many thanks in advance

Hi @mwiegand , it’s difficult to say from just looking at the screenshot, but just to confirm, the issue you have with results collection is with the second “Variable Condition Loop End” isn’t it?

What is the variable condition for that node? Is a variable being set/tested correctly?

Hi @takbb,

thanks for your swift response. The issue persists with both Variable Loop End Nodes. The variable condition for the first is “Failing Node = none” and for the second …

I just happen to notice the second Variable Loop Condition End had lost it’s variable assignment which is crucial. Going to adjust and retest everything.

Anyways, your help is already of great value!


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What’s the warning on the Table Reader? It looks like webdata requests/selenium. Does the request/driver actually return anything?

Yes, it does collect data. Running on a sample that was selected to work as expected. I execute the loops step wise and manually verified each critical node tracing the issue down to the loop ends.

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