Loop End (Column Append) no variables

I have a Table Row to Variable Loop Start and a Loop End (Column Append). In between there are multiple nodes with variables as well. I am trying to “transfer” those variables, in other words, outported to another node after the loop. I would like to use the “outport variable” from the Loop End. Unfortunately, the variables are not outported, and I have to select another “variable outport” from a previous node located before the Loop End in order to “transfer” the variables to a node after the Loop End.
Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
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Hi @amars -

I believe this is intended behavior, since if you are executing the loop (for example) 10 times, then the Loop End node would need to store 10 different versions of each variable of interest to keep track of everything. This type of collection is done by the Variable Loop End node usually.

Maybe if you post an example workflow along with what you’re trying to achieve, we could arrive at a solution?

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If you want the variable values from each iteration in addition to the last iteration, you could use a Variable to Table Row node and connect its output to an input on the loop end by using e.g. Loop End (2 ports)

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Hi @s.roughley,

that would work if Loop End (Column Append) is not used as loop end node.


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