loop end (column appender) 2 ports

hi all
i need to use a loop end (2 ports) but i want one of ports works like loop end (column appender)
anybody can help me ?

I suggest using the normal Loop End (2 ports). To the output that you want to Column Append, use the Constant Value node to add a single String column with the intended column header for that loop iteration. Then, apply a Pivoting to this table.

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Hello @Aswin,

no Unpivoting node this time? :sweat_smile:


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@ipazin yeah I thought about it until my brain hurt, but I could not find a way to include an Unpivoting node in my suggestion :smile:


Thanks for the reply @Aswin
I used your suggestion but it does not work, please provide a workflow example

Hi @Sajjadmosaheb

An example workflow is in the attachment. The essential part of the workflow is this:


The second input/output port of the Loop End corresponds to a Column Append, if it is used in this way. The Pivoting node should be provided with a column containing the future column header and a column with the future row id.

KNIME_project3.knwf (24.1 KB)

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The other options is, of course, to simply use Transpose:


…but this only works well if your table only contains a single type.

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