Loop end not executed, in standby


I´m experiencing some issues when executing a wf with loops in command line (ubuntu).
I got a complex wf comprising 3 loops and, appaently, the last loop end is not executed. This doesn´t happen in executing the wf via GUI.

The command I use to execute the wf is

/apps/knime/knime_4.6.0/knime -nosplash -application org.knime.product.KNIME_BATCH_APPLICATION -reset -noexit -preferences=“/apps/chemaxon/knime.epf” -workflowDir=“/media/jaxx/knime-workspace/processing_wf”

Any ideas what could be causing this issue?

Thanks a lot,


Hi @eneas77,

Is it possible for you to share the console log output so that we can better understand what the problem is? You can add -consolelog in the command to view output of execution.


My assumption would have been to put the loop after your sdf writer but if it’s working in the GUI then hope someone else can help you out


Hello @eneas77
As suggested by @Daniel_Weikert; my guess is because your Loop End is not connected, as it is in a position not including the SDF Writer node. You have to include it within the Loop. The variable connector could be affecting as well, as it is scaping from the Loop execution.

You can test with a Variable Loop End instead, connected to the SDF Writer’s variable output port.

The CSV Writer need a variable output connector (to Parallel Chunk End?) aiming to force the execution.


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