Loop for Multi List files with reference

Hi Guys,

I just want to ask if you have any idea on how to loop multi files in a folder or storage. The condition is this: In a folder, I have multiple pairs of files. It was like f1_a and f1_b, f2_a and f2_b…etc. I used the List file node first to exract the location and URL and created a reference tag derived from the name of the files. it was like for f1_a and f1_b, I used f1 as reference, same as the other files. I am doing this because f1_a and f1_b will be combined to create the required output.

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I would filter the list by your A and B files and join them by file name after renaming them to something like name_a and name_b. Then use the

To do the thing with the files. If you need more information about the file from the URL you could extract them.

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Hi there @Gambit,

if I got you right you already have an identifier for every pair of files you want to process together - in same loop iteration. If that is the case you can try Group Loop Start node, turn location/URL to flow variable and each flow variable pass to one reader node. From there you will be able to combine 2 files into one output hopefully :wink:



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