loop for pair-wise column calculation

I am trying to set up a loop to do a pair-wise column calculation. In each iteration, a value will be caculated for two columns. A N column input table should yeild N*N values. Any idear for the best approach?

- jian

Hi Jian,

I would use two column list loop start and than join those two columns together. Finally use two loop ends to collect your results in the end. A good approach is to append the column names.Than you can afterwards use the pivoting node for creating a matrix (which than can be visualized with the heat map)

I hope this helps :-)


Hi Iris,

That was exactly I did  and encountered a problem: the join node doesn't like to take two loop starts as inputs. I guess the two loops can not be indepedent to each other. 

WARN  Column List Loop Start 0:130      Unable to merge flow object stacks: Conflicting FlowObjects: <Loop Context (Head 0:130, Tail 0:135)> - iteration 12 vs. <Loop Context (Head 0:131, Tail unassigned)> - iteration 0 (loops/scopes not properly nested?)

- jian

Yes, sometime the tree is not clear, than you can help with flow variable connection as in the attached image.

Cheers, Iris



yes, that works very well. Thank you very much!

- jian