Loop for rule engine with new columns

I would like to have a loop for calculating the rule engine by variables, and the results will show each rule engine results as a new column.



Name Born year
A 2007
B 2008
C 2009
D 2009
E 2009
F 2010
G 2011

Would like to have a output like this:

Name Born year 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
A 2007 Yes No No No No
B 2008 No Yes No No No
C 2009 No No Yes No No
D 2009 No No Yes No No
E 2009 No No Yes No No
F 2010 No No No Yes No
G 2011 No No No No Yes

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Alternative solution: use the Pivot node to put the years in separate columns, and Join the result of that with the original table.

Edit: Armin’s solution below is even simpler and more appropriate

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You can use “One to Many” node for this.
The output will be the same as you want except for the “Yes/No” values which will be “1/0” in this case but you can edit them and change the values from 1/0 to Yes/No later.



Thank you, and sorry about the confusion. Actually I would need to calculate exactly if the client is new or existing client when based on their purchase year, and I am using the rule engine. (first purchase year = purchase year => “New”).

I would like to get the results like this, so i can summarize how many new and existing clients for each year.

Name First purchase year Purchase year 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
A 2007 2007 New
B 2008 2009 Existing
C 2009 2009 New
D 2009 2009 New
E 2009 2010 Existing
F 2010 2011 Existing
G 2011 2011 New

Here is the workflow to do this:

After the “One to Many” node we have a “Column List Loop Start” to loop over each year column and a “Column Expressions” to assign the value “New/Existing”. After the loop end we have a “Column Filter” node to exclude the duplicates of the first 3 columns(using regex).

Please let me know if this is what you need:
oneToMany.knwf (28.4 KB)


P.S. To have the year columns in order, you can use a “Sorter” node to sort rows based on the “purchase year” and then a “Domain Calculator” node (for the same column) just before the “One to Many” node.


Thank you Armin

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