Loop Issue for Simulation

I want to simulate a inventory policy (sQ) where Inventory positioning and costs are calculated based on each possible combination of defined parameters.

Can you share some example data / the logic you want to apply?

Without it there is a lot of guessing when it comes to helping you out so that’s be much appreciated :slight_smile:

In general you probably want to generate all possible combinations in a table that then is used inside the loop - how that can look like really depends on the specifics of your scenario…


initial_inventory = 10
demand = [8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 0, 2]
min_RoP = 1
max_RoP = 32
increment_RoP = 1
min_order_qty = 1
max_order_qty = 32
increment_RoP = 1

RoP and OrderQty are simulated with increment of 1 (min 1, max 32), so thats a 32*32 = 1024 combination, for 7 days so that 7168 combinations.

Admittedly I am not too familiar with all the terms like RoP. Can you share an example of the desired output (just 2-3 rows) incl. explanation on how you got there?

To create the 7168 combinations a set up with three counting loops nested inside each other will do the job.

Example here:

ScenarioCreation.knwf (82.4 KB)