Loop join node "N" times

Hello Dear All,
I need to repeat the same nodes “N” times, I believe I can do that by Loop Nodes but do not know how to do it.
-I have a table like that:
-By Rank Node, I added “Group No Column”
-Then I joined table 1 and 2, by their Case-Id columns. Since there are 3 different groups in the “Group No” Column, i joined the table by using Join Node 3 times. 1 join node for each “Group No column”


The problem is that sometimes i might have 3 “Group No”, columns sometimes “6” and sometimes “10”… How can I repeat “N” time this join process, in line with the “Group No” numbers?

thanks in advance,

Hi @kubra_08

To execute this kind of task N times, the best is to warp your two nodes (Joiner & Niminal Value) within a -Recursive Loop Start- and -Recursive Loop End- nodes:

In this way, the joining is achieved as many times as needed until a stopping criteria is met to end the looping.

You need hence to define your own stopping criteria to stop looping.

Hope it helps.



Honestly, i have no idea how to use any loop nodes. Therefore, I could use some more help here.

Do you have an idea how to insert nominal value splitter and joiner nodes for the recursive loops?

thanks a lot
DATA_sample_knime.xlsx (13.5 KB)

you find examples here

and also on the links @aworker provided if you scroll down.
Does that help?

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Hi @kubra_08

I guess the following workflow is not too far from the solution you need:

20230403 Pikairos Loop join node N times.knwf (37.1 KB)

It may just need filtering the columns and rows you do not need.

Hope it helps.



Thanks a lot. I will look at the examples and if i can solve my problem, I’ll share the solution here for others.

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