Loop Multiple Excel-Files and write it in one table

Hi community,

for my process i used this workflow. “https://hub.knime.com/knime/workflows/Examples/06_Control_Structures/04_Loops/02_Example_for_Reading_a_List_of_Files*UPm1nNWmew1uu2L0
Now the Problem. I dont want to extract a zip file in a temp file.
I wanna use 1 Folder. Read all Files from the Folder and then I want to add the Files to One big excel files.

I Have the same workflow like in the link, but I see that in “Java Edit Variable” there are, many Flow Variables like URL. This URL is used in FILE-READer to select the files. How I can edit the URL ? OR How i can read all files in loop in File Reader.