Loop over some conditions to fill a table

Hello everyone,


I am looking for a problem solution. Maybe some of you can help me. :)

I'm trying to create a WF to loop over a list (actually it's nothing but a Table Creator) with an undefined amount of elements to use this as a condition to filter rows and concatenate it.

To be more clearly:

I have got a table with calendar weeks and some other stuff. I want to create a WF, that allows the user to define the weeks he wants to compare. So, in my mind, I need to loop over the table creator and use this as a condition for the row filter. For each iteration, I need to add the data set to an upcoming output table.

I don't know how to do this.


Can Someone help me?


Thanks in advance!


Never mind. a simple little Joiner is the key to solve all problems.
Sometimes, solutions are to simple to find it…


Hi @Mariteemo
I thought yesterday night about your question, but did not see the Joiner solving it :smile:
It is always helpful if you post us some before-after tables of the things you want to achieve.
Cheers and happy KNIMEing! Iris

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