Loop problem

Hello @HansS,

I completed the workflow which you posted to me 3 days earlier with a column filter node.

Could you check the output table of the column filter node?

It seems that the last 2 rows are unnecessary (unexpected).

Do you know what does cause this in the looping?

Thank you in advance!

Rolandrank_within_group_loop_problem.knwf (12.4 KB)

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Hi @rolandnemeth
I dont’t get your point. What do you mean by that the last 2 rows are unnecessary? The flow starts with 14 rows and finishes with 14 rows. What output do you expect?
gr. Hans

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@HansS every letter should be int the output table after the looping three times, but letter d is in the table 5 times.

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@rolandnemeth Ah, that is because in the input table (Table Creator node) there are five rows “d” not 3 .The loop is not executed 3 times. It is a Group Loop, where every loop consist of a group of the same letters.
Screenshot from 2020-11-20 20-29-14


@HansS, yes, it was a misunderstanding from my side, sorry! Meantime I checked the input table, you are right! :slight_smile:


@rolandnemeth no problem, Happy KNIMEing


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