Hi all!
I am using this workflow to read files in different folders and create a new excel file with all the information

all the files has the same structure

and if I execute the workflow I can see some strange things:
If I execute the excel reader (not the loop end)

I can see the information related to the first file-
REgion A
Country= Country1
Company Code= CC1
But If I execute the loop end- this information disapears- nothing for CC1
And new information is created- not existing in any file- I can see now
Region A
Country= Country1
Company Code= XX2

ANy idea why is this happening?

Instead of using the loop, you can also read in all the files with the Excel Reader as long as they are in the same folder. Under “Advanced” it also has the option to add the file path to every row in a separate column. So if you try that, maybe you can find out where the data comes from.
Kind regards,


Thank you! I added the path column in the loop and I was able to find the error- the client was not completing the information correctly… that is why I was getting crazy! (a lot of files in different folders, it is difficult to find the error there!


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