Loop still running while data already processed


I found a stange behaviour with loops.

My loop runs, let's say, a minute and after 40 sec I can see the all data in tables from nodes within the loop and after the loop. However, the loop is still running in my workspace for another 20 sec to finish. That means the data has been processed, but the "update of the workspace" is still running. During this 20 sec I cannot continue working (e.g. drag-drop nodes from repositry) and also found a loss of configuration of the column resorter.

To make it more clear I attached a screenshot showing the running loop and the tables from Row Filter within the loop (last iteration) and from the Pivoting node following after the loop end.

Bug, feature, of interest?


Hi Martin,

Very same experience! Its really annoying. Don't think it used to happen about a month back, so the updates must be responsible.


best regards

The problem is that the GUI is not able to process all updates quickly enough. They end up in queue and are therefore still processed when the results are already available. This shouldn't be a new problem but there will be some optimization in KNIME 2.4.