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I’m very new with KNIME and I was wondering if someone could help me with the following issue:
I’ve created a workflow that loops over the sheets of an excel file and aggregates the data over different columns and exports the data as multiple Excel files with different excel sheets. I tried to generate multiple tables in BIRT containing the data from each final sheet but I can’t seem to get it to work, the only thing I get with the “data to report” node is a single table containing all the information but I need one table per sheet. Is there any way of doing that? I would really appreciate any help.


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What is the desired output you are trying to get? One report that has summary data from every Excel sheet or something else? Maybe it will be sufficient to use Data to Report node multiple times to send every process sheet to BIRT?



I really need to have one table per sheet, the closest I’ve got to such result is to export a table containing the concatenated data from each sheet, then visualize the report as DOCX and then use page breaks on Word to split the table multiple times. I’ve tried to have multiple “data to report” nodes but in that case I wouldn’t be able to loop over the data and I would need about 20 “data to report nodes” to get what I need

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Hi @VV86 -

You might take a look at our BIRT documentation. In the advanced example there is a step-by-step HowTo writeup (and associated sample workflow) that uses pagination within BIRT to display grouped tablular results across pages, without having to use multiple Data to Report nodes.

Here’s the direct link to the workflow on the Hub:

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Hi @ScottF,

Thanks a lot for your help, it’s not exactly what I was looking for but it’s pretty close! One last thing, I can’t get the text in the header to wrap, the part that does not fit in the cell just gets deleted. The whitespace is set to Auto, is there something I’m missing?


What header are you referring to? Do you have a screenshot or a workflow you can share?

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