loop till meet target /condition loop.

Hi all,
I would like to writer a model for attached file. it’s about conditial loop I believe.

knime query.xlsx (13.3 KB)
I need the result about how many source every location can get from total souce.
at each loop ,every location &PN will get 1pcs source. Total source will reduce accordingly by PN.
Loop ends condition are till:

  1. location &PN source meets its own target
  2. Total source comes to 0.

Location +PN are unique key, each has different source target
Same PN share same total source.

Thanks everyone!!!

Hi All,
I found the way but the speed is too low to handle my data …(over 80K rows)…
Any efficient method will be very grateful

Hi @RubyWu , forum contributors from Europe & the American continent are still on weekend. You’ll have to wait for some time for them to reply. In the meantime, it’s normal for loop-based workflows to take a long time for tables with rows of 5 figures and above. You’ll have to compromise. But I’m glad to know you’ve at least found a workaround on your own.

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Hi @RubyWu , I’ve not thoroughly read your posts, but if you are looking for “loop till meet target /condition loop”, then you can use the Variable Condition Loop End, usually in combination with the Generic Loop Start.

You set the condition for the loop to end, and it will loop until that condition is met.

The Recursive Loop is also an option, depending on what you are doing.

Your workflow is slow because you have nested loops there. I’m not sure why you need to have 2 loops.


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