Loop to read Excel Sheet


I met a problem:

when I try to use loop to read all the sheets content from a single excel file, the frist sheet has only have 7 columns. And the next sheets have more than 7 columns. However the results file is only 7 columns which the left sheets content can not be read out.

I try to configure the Excel Reader : 'Select the column  and row to read' to expand the range to reload, however, it did not work at all. 

furthermore it must has to read from the very first sheet according to my work, is there any way to solve this ?



Hi Kevin,

Could you please share a little bit more info on the task you are trying to accomplish?

As far as I've understood you want to read different sheets of an EXCEL file, is that right? Do these sheets have the same number of columns? Would it be possible for you to share the file that you want to read in KNIME Analytics Platform?

Thank you,



Hi Vincenzo,

Thanks for your reply!

You can refer to the attached files for the situation I met.

The Excel format has 5 sheets for example, each sheet owns different  number of columns.

1. No matter how I configure the Excel reader as read entire sheet or set the max range of the sheet, the read range is confined by the first imputted sheet. E.g. sheet1 has 3 columns, the whole loop proceudre will only read the first 3 columns as the first input....

what I need the is read the all column;

2. someone may say that why not start with max column like sheet5 with 13 columns, so the loop process will cover all 13 columes even if in sheet 1 is only 3 column?!

 I did, however, if I do in that way, I set a node that"Variable to table column", the sheet name will still keep the orginal order.

e.g. Read from Sheet5,so the loop start from Sheet 5, then sheet 1, sheet 2, sheet3, sheet 4. However, the give sheet name for the loop is still from sheet1 no matter which sheet you start with. So the sheet1 is given atcually the really data here is sheet 5...

Is there any method to read the "Acutal" sheet name in the excel loop process?

Many Thanks!


Hi Kevin,

I think that you can solve this by configuring the Loop End node properly, i.e. by checking the option "Allow changing table specification". Please find attached the example workflow that reads the data you sent in the previous post.

Hope that helps,