Loop untill result set filled


I am using Google analytics query to populate the dataset. However sometimes the results are more than 10,000 and so I want to collect all results in a table using the start Index as variable and stopping the loop untill the table row count is less than 10,000. How do I do that ? Also this should be inside a master loop.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot.


Hi Tarak,

therefore you would use the Generic Loop start node together with the Variable Condition Loop end.

In the Loop End you can configure which variable needs to be in which condition. The number of rows you can get with the Extract Table Dimension node.

Hm... when writing I just had the feeling you might need the Recursive Loops? Because you want to include the knowledge from previous iterations?

Best, Iris 

Thanks Iris for the quick response. I'll try these options and let you know.

Hi Iris,

I have been trying recursive loops for some time, but there is also this conditional flow that is present. Hence I decided to work around by storing the variable in the file and reading it back. After implementing this, I am getting this error: ERROR Variable Condition Loop End 4:486      Execute failed: Encountered duplicate row ID  "Iteration 0" at row number 2

I am not able to understand how could the interation value not change...and is there a provision to prevent this.

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Thanks...actually I solved it by changing the currentIteration variable for every iteration....since there is a bug with Variable Condition Loop End node 

Dear tarak,

sorry, I just saw your post.

Yes, there is an option missing in the Variable Loop End, to make it possible to have rowid adapted to the iteration. I will push this into our bug tracking system.

Best, Iris