Loop with a variable into string manipulation node

Help All,

I am trying to use a column to insert a value into the string manipulation node via variable.  Right now, I can't get the process to iterate through the variables, but it only saves the last iteration (one variable processed).  I know this is vague, so here is the process:

Table Row to Variable Loop Start -> String Manipulation (variable in port) -> Loop End

String Manipulation node configuration is someting like:

replace($Target_Column$, "$$Variable_from_Column$$", "")

The goal is to allow a list of variable to be processed in the string replace function instead of stringing string manipulation nodes one after another.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?  Help please?


Hi Mark, 

Doing this with a loop could be tricky, but have you looked at the cell replacer node yet?  It is a nice way to do multiple search and replace operations without looping.

Regards, Aaron



Mark, I do not understand, what you are trying to do. Let me clarify a few things:

You have got one (?) table with multiple (?) rows and multiple (?) string type columns. And you want to delete (?) parts of the content of one specific (?) string type cell using the contents of a fixed (?) number of different string type cells. Right?