Loop with Column Rename

I’m working on a project to connect KNIME with SAP from two tables, first table gives me Bill Number of my finished products and second table gives me Components of each Bill, I want to connect Finished Products (input) with Components (second SAP table output) but I have intermediate products, having to loop the workflow to get raw material components.

The problem with the loop is that I need to rename a column to introduce Component as the input for the next SAP information download, do you have suggestion to do this until 20 levels? (some finished products have complex processes)

I’m attaching a workflow with first SAP download example and a simplified workflow with tables with the information.

Thank you for your help!

SAP Connection Test.knwf (2.2 MB)

Hi @jl1004

can you make me an example how for example the first 5 colums are called and how they should be renamed?

I would based on complexity either sovle this with the

or with the

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