Loop with different credentials

I use the same workflow on two database environments. Workflow is used on KNIME server.
Credentials are within two variables of type credential.
Instead of copying the workflow workflow, I would like to use a loop to run for both enviroments.
I could not find a way how to change / rename or copy the credential variable based on a condition (e.g. loop) as the variables of type credential are not available in rule engine (variable) or other variable manipulation nodes.
I appreciate any ideas.
Thanks a lot

Hi @Dnreb ,

Maybe you can try this… A loop inside another loop… make it can be strange, but if you have a table with the path that you can load the credentials, you can insert the table before the loop (chunk start or group start) and inside you set to load the flow variables for each one. After the load credentials, you can load the workflow that have all the process that you said before.

I’d can be like this print:

You load the information/credentials from somewhere outside this workflow. I create a table to represent this simple load ok?

Now you can use the the loop, the credentials input and the call workflow node or anything else that you need to start the loop process.

A silly example add here:

KNIME_project_loop_credentials_wf.knwf (19.9 KB)

You can change all part of this workflow as you need, it just a simple ideia ok?



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Hi Denis,
thanks a lot for your suggestion.
I will give it a try. There is one thing I need to verify, as I would like to hide the password as in the credentials configuration.

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