loop with widgets on webportal


struggling how to build a workflow that does something like the following (to be used on webportal)

screen 1 - user selects how many iterations to do
screen 2 (in loop) - user provides text input (repeated based on number of iterations selected in screen 1)
screen 3 - shows table with summary of inputs provided in screen 2

was able to get a version that shows screen 2 again and again based on number of iterations but screen 3 only shows input provided on final iteration

tried making edits and now not even that works. i get screen 2 once and thats it

appreciate any help!

Hi @yc736,

This is an example workflow which simply demonstrate what you have described here.

First component (screen 1) - takes an integer (number of iterations)
Second component (screen 2) - a text input to provide some input by user
Third component (screen 3) - a teble editor to let the user edit what they have entered in the loop.

Please take a look and let me know if you have further questions.

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